The Merlini Lappe Partners Attorneys at Law and Notary Public advises and represents its clients in all areas of law, both before the Ticino courts and before any Swiss court and authority. The firm is also active in national and international arbitration proceedings. Our specialists work in Italian, German, English, French and Spanish.

Legal expertise

Our firm is active throughout Switzerland, providing legal advice and litigation services to individuals, companies and public institutions especially in the following areas:

  • Commercial and Corporate Law: Contract Law, Agency Contracts, Contracts for Work and Services, Tenancy Law, Associations, Foundations, Incorporation of Companies, Assistance in the Formation and Management of Statups, Banking Law, etc.
  • Real Estate and Construction Law: Real Estate Law, Possession Protection, Claims arising from Property, Neighbour Law, Total and General Contractor Agreements, Notices of Defects, Co-Ownership and Commonhold Ownership (condominiums), Court Bans, etc.  
  • Inheritance Law: Estate Planning, Last Wills and Testaments, Inheritance Contracts, Anticipatory Succession, Division of Inheritance, Dissolution of Communities of Heirs, Establishment of Foundations, etc.
  • Torts, Liability Law, Insurance Law, Medical Liability and Health Care Law: Contractual and Non-Contractual Liability Law, Private and Social Insurance Law, Medical Liability, Medical Criminal Law and Health Care Law, etc.
  • Labour Law: Disputes relating to Fixed-term and Open-ended Employment Contracts, Absences due to Illness and Accident, Non-competition Clauses, Non-disclosure Agreements, Franchising, Agency Contracts, Work Permits, etc.
  • Law of Persons and Family Law: Protection of Personality, Media Law, Separation and Marriage protection, Divorces, Maintenance Contributions, International Disputes, Protection of Children and Adults, Pension Contracts, etc.
  • Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Law: Seizure, Debt Collection, Insolvency Law, Liquidation Proceedings, etc.
  • Public Law, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law: Building Law, Environmental Law, Spatial Planning Law, Expropriations, Contributions, Public Tenders and Public Procurement, Aliens Law, Settlement Permits, Work Permits, etc.
  • Criminal Law: Acting as Official Defence and as Defence of Choice Attorney in Criminal Proceedings before Cantonal and Federal Criminal Authorities, International Legal and Judicial Assistance, White Collar Crimes and Compliance, Legal Assistance in the event of Confiscations and Seizures, Claims for Damages as a result of Criminal Proceedings, etc.
  • Private International Law and Public International Law: Private International Law, International Civil Procedure, International Law, etc.
  • Arbitration: Representation before National and International Arbitral Tribunals, Arbitration Mandates, Institutional and Ad-hoc Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution, etc.


Notarial services are one of the core activities of our firm and are practiced by Notary Public Dr. Giovanni Merlini and Notary Public Matteo Suckow. Our firm can assist you in particular in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Law: Contracts for the Sale and the Purchase of Real Estate, Donations of Real Estate, Drafting of Mortgage Certificates, Increase of the Nominal Value, Merger and Conversion of Mortgage Certificates, Drafting of Easements (Servitudes), etc.
  • Company Law: Formation and Incorporation of Companies, Assignment of Company Shares, Mergers, Amendments to Articles of Association, Trasfer of Registered Offices, Transformation of the Legal Form of a Company, Shareholders' Agreements, etc.
  • Inheritance Law: Last Wills and Testaments, Inheritance Contracts, Dissolution of Communities of Heirs, Division of Estates, Acting as Executor of Will, etc.
  • Family Law: Marriage Contracts, etc.
  • Notarial Certifications and Legalisations: Authentication of Signatures and Documents, Certified Copies of Documents and Deeds, etc.